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History’s Mystery. Where is the Harley Elvis Lost To Pricilla in 1971?

Posted on 04 Jan 2012 in Harley-Davidson | 18 comments

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011,  at an auction in Texas, the official 1972 divorce papers between Elvis and Pricilla Presley hidden away for nearly 20 years, came to the block and were purchased by an unnamed buyer for $8,963.

According to auction officials, The 12-page agreement signed by both Elvis and Pricilla, granted Priscilla ownership of a 1971 Mercedes Benz, a ’69 Cadillac El Dorado and a ’71 Harley-Davidson motorcycle in addition to $100,000 in cash and half the income from the sale of their three houses in California.

There’s one thing in all this that you can’t help but wonder about.  Where is the Harley?  If you know where it’s at, there are several people, including us, who’d like to know!   Would you tell anyone if you had Elvis’s Harley?



  1. kenn fuqua / March 15th, 2012 20:33

    dude it was on tv. the bike was found in a barn when some guys grandpa died and eventuall it was bought by jay leno


    • Steve / March 15th, 2012 20:39

      Kenn, thanks for the update! Back in January, when this article was written, the “mystery” of the Elvis bike was still on the loose. It sure is a beauty!


  2. Steve / May 13th, 2012 9:44

    sorry, Leno, it wasn’t in a barn, and Leno didn’t buy it. Check this link.


    • Steve / May 14th, 2012 14:43

      We had lost track of this story, thanks for the update! The tale of the “Elvis Harley” continues…


  3. stephanie Robinson / November 15th, 2013 22:57

    If you opened the seat…under it was there writing that said from Elvis to Priscilla with love?


  4. nikki / January 20th, 2014 19:03

    Elvis’s bike is in Australia fixed up and the owner was offered 5million dollars for it and wont part with it.. he went into a big bike shop in Sydney and wanted missing parts, they asked for the bikes serial number and the parts required and when they looked it up the owner of the bike was offered $250,000 for the bike to which he said no as it was a bike he had always wanted. The owner asked what was so important about the bike the owner of the bike shop then offered 2million and the guy said no.. not knowing the importance of the bike the shop owner then offered 5million the guy was so curious what was so important with the bike and the shop owner said it was Elvis’s bike.


  5. Beth / December 27th, 2014 19:51

    as for the reply from australia it’s funny I’ve heard the same story in eastern washington state. the only difference was the writing under the seat said to Elvis happy birthday from Harley Davidson. and if Priscilla got it during the divorce why would Elvis sign it to her with love.


    • mrsplan / July 23rd, 2016 11:49

      Priscilla gave it to Elvis when they were married, and the writing under the seat says to Elvis love Priscilla. So makes 100% sense that she would get it back in the divorce


  6. Beth / December 27th, 2014 19:54

    I’m curious to see how many other stories are very similar and where they originate from.


  7. Kyle / March 26th, 2015 22:52

    I heard a similar story , but the Bike was found in Airdrie ,Alberta Canada . It was purchased by Jay Leno.


  8. Debra Matheson / September 21st, 2015 13:01

    My fiance knows where it is. Not joking.


  9. Alan.? Lynn / November 17th, 2015 12:46

    I heard the bike was found by some guy off the main road in some place near Sacramento was chained up 2 a tree at some old guys house.His son owned at,but killed in Vietnam.At first the old man didnt want 2 sell it,but this guy bought and and supposedky sold it 2 Jay Leno.HD was pissed off cause they wanted the bike 2 restore it and put it in their museum next 2 Prisellas motorcycle which I heard they have.


  10. Sr / December 19th, 2016 5:51

    Bike is in Florida owned by a classic car dealer in Sarasota


  11. Tim / December 20th, 2016 8:18

    The Bike was sent to California and was sold to a Air force pilot in 74 the bike is at a Classic car place in Florida I think Sarasota has 12k mikes on it when we saw it last year


  12. Brad / February 6th, 2017 9:28

    If you think you have it or someone claims to have it the serial number ends in P for Presley. The seat may have been replaced or removed. Any piece is worth big bucks because of the story. Snoopes contacted Jay Leno PR person he does NOT have it.


    • CJ Zlamal Jr / February 6th, 2017 16:31

      Thats not true look at the 1975 at South east harley in Cleveland Harley did not make a special harley for Elvis the 71 is at a classic car dealer in Florida


  13. JR / February 22nd, 2017 7:19

    Yes I confirm the bike is in Florida it was found in California and my research shows Pricillas gave it to her father after the divorce it was sold in 79 to his friend who sold it and ended at a bike auction and because of the name not being Presley it went undetected. I have seen the bike in person and its it. it was serviced at a place in Sarasota called Dans V twin to make sure Harley did not get it on radar. the post by Brad is not accurate the vin number has no P. the owner plans on putting it on display this year and has contacted EPE of the bike thats what I know for facts not fiction.


  14. EPE / August 13th, 2017 15:05

    The bike is owned by a car dealer in Sarasota Florida


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